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The most comprehensive resource detailing Honors Attorney Programs is a handbook compiled by the University of Arizona. The handbook is updated annually and requires a subscription.

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Many law schools offer subscriptions and can be obtained through the law school's career services center. To provide students with a more in-depth view on Honors Attorney Programs, The Lounge asked former Honors Attorneys to provide a brief overview of their experiences as Honors Attorneys and how it guided them to their job today. The work is varied, the office personnel are amazing, the subject matter is always changing, and I get to travel and be in federal court on a near-monthly basis. It was a very enlightening experience, as I got a chance to do everything from give general agency guidance through the Advice Branch, read and review administrative appeals through the Office of Appeals, participate in brief writing and appellate advocacy in the Appellate Court Branch, and handle a varied and myriad amount of jurisdictional challenges, bankruptcy hearings, and contempt investigations and trials in the Contempt, Compliance, and Special Litigation Branch.

In a lot of ways it was an accelerated training process for nearly any type of work an attorney working for the federal government will ever do. For an incoming Honors Attorney, the best advice I can give is the same that I received from my mentors along the way: try anything and try everything.

Government Honors Programs

When I left law school, I was convinced that I wanted to be an appellate advocate, and that nothing else would satisfy me. That was, of course, until I had a chance to be a part of a trial and conduct my first deposition. I was hooked, and I had had no idea why I never previously wanted to be a litigator. Had it not been for the encouragement of my mentors here at the agency, and my willingness to branch out and try new things, I may never have realized where I was meant to be or what I was meant to do. So please, for the love of all that you hold dear, apply for a position as an Honors Attorney.

Even if you hate it, you will not regret having learned, firsthand, that something is not for you. If you have even the slightest interest in labor law, or federal agency litigation, I highly encourage you to apply. Becoming an Honors Attorney was a life-changing experience! Specifically, I worked in the Office of Litigation as a defense attorney handling the most consequential and precedential lawsuits brought against the Department.

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As a HUD Legal Honors Attorney in the Office of Litigation, I drafted, reviewed, and edited varying motions and briefs, as well as assisted the Department of Justice in preparation for litigation and appellate advocacy. I have assisted on cases at every level of the federal judicial system, and currently have cases pending in Federal District Court, Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Federal Court of Claims. In the Department of HUD, the interview process begins by asking each individual to rank their preference in location and the area of law they would like to practice.

Each Legal Honors Attorney is assigned a mentor to provide guidance to Legal Honors Attorneys on projects and to answer any question the Legal Honors Attorney may have. Submission components : Interested students should send a short statement of interest no longer than words.

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Complete details : Available calawyers. EST ]. Application : Available avuedigitalservices. Additional information : Available justice. Webinar Links :. Eligibility : Any current student in an undergraduate, JD, LLB, or LLM program is eligible for the Hartsoe Law Firm Law School Scholarship with a preference to individuals that a have held various jobs to help support themselves through school b overcome personal adversity or c are concerned about the the rancorous tenor prevalent in American politics.

Submission components : 1 Fill out a biographical information form available link below ; and 2 write an essay regarding the decline of civility in political discourse in the United States and how you think this problem should be corrected. Please include in your essay a discussion about the importance of education in citizenship and how that process could improve informed voter participation.

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Complete details and Application : Available knoxvilleinjury. Complete details and Registration : Available aipla. As the games industry continues to set revenue growth records, the value of IP in games continues to increase. So too does the complexity of the IP issues.

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First Job: Government Honors Attorney

The AIPLA Annual Meeting promises to be one of our best meetings ever; with both exceptional educational content and ample time for networking with your IP colleagues. Complete details : Available aipla. Responsibilities may include: Coordinating with conference speakers on panel topics and themes. Send to : scholarship jeffreysglassman. Send to : scholarship altmanllp. I meet with employers one on one through my employer outreach meetings and make a habit of discussing essays in these meetings. I watch any webinar I can find on job application essays.

I read blogs about job application essays. You get the picture. I am happy to review drafts with you or to have a conversation with you to brainstorm ideas. Keep upcoming deadlines in mind. Specificity is memorable. When reviewing your essays, the reader wants to be able to imagine you in action. Be very specific. You only get words so you may only get to talk about one project. Make it a project the committee will remember when they read your essay.

Instead, provide the human side of the story and say how it impacted you. If your proposed fellowship project is working with refugees on their asylum cases and you spent last summer working for a public interest organization doing that exact same work, tell a specific story related to that work but keep in mind what your resume already tells the committee.

Instead, tell a specific story about a refugee that you helped and how that experience was so meaningful, it made you certain that you wanted to pursue a public interest career. Your resume informs the committee of the work you did. Your essay story shows the committee why you are passionate about the work. Always ask yourself one question about your essays: could the reader get the information I am writing in my essays from somewhere else in my application?

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If the answer is yes, re-write the essay. Are you applying for a position with a disability rights organization and you first got interested in disability rights because your little brother is blind? Write your essay about that! If an essay question asks you to address three things, address all three of those things.