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More Testimonials Thank you! However, within 5 days of contacting Dissertation-Editor. I had tried other services and been disappointed, but not this time. Would a study completed in have the same results if completed on the same population today? The last of the five "W's" why relates to the third purpose for doing a literature review - to justify the selection of the topic. You need to ask why was the study done? What problem was the researcher looking at? How does this problem relate to your study?

The fourth purpose of the literature review is to aid in the selection of the research design and methodological procedures.

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Reviewing the literature to determine what approaches have been used before as well as their successes and failures, can save you much in terms of time, effort and money. Familiarity with other procedures can provide you with a base from which you can select, modify and innovate new designs useful in developing your own proposal or study. You are fortunate and will save time if your review locates a research design or an evaluation instrument that parallels the assessment you are thinking about doing with the XYZ corporation. Another word of caution is necessary here.

Check to see if the material you have found is copyrighted. If the questionnaire or instrument you want to use is copyrighted, you will need to ask permission of the copyright holder prior to using it. This may involve the payment of a fee. In many cases, the copyright holder will grant permission to use the instrument free of charge. This is particularly true when the material is from a recently completed thesis or dissertation. Fellow students are quick to realize what you are going through and are thrilled and flattered that someone thinks enough of their work to ask permission to use it.

Generally, you will not need permission to use a research design because it is unlikely that you will exactly duplicate every aspect of the copyrighted study. More than likely, you will be changing some or all of the variables to reflect the uniqueness of your study. The copyright only prevents exact duplication.

How To Present Study Limitations and Alternatives

If you are unsure whether or not to ask permission of the copyright holder, a good rule is to act on the side of caution and ask permission. Check this out with your committee chair as well. The fifth purpose of the literature review relates to the theoretical framework which was discussed earlier in this chapter. Within the literature review chapter of the proposal, the material may have been summarized or briefly presented. In the final report, the literature review provides a strong theoretical framework for the study.

For example, how do the different theories regarding evaluation or perception relate to the XYZ corporation? On what basis did you reject certain theories as being irrelevant? It is in this section that you provide the reader with an increased understanding of what is known of the theoretical underpinnings as they relate to your study.

In other words, what theory or theories are driving your study and how will they provide the basis for interpreting your data and stating the implications of your findings? A literature review that is logically organized, places your topic in an historical context, presents a critical examination of the strengths and lesser strengths of related research designs, methodologies and theories of related studies, will strengthen your claim that your topic is important and worthy of a research study at the master's or doctoral level.

It will help you to justify the time and effort that you will be spending in its completion. A carefully thought out and well designed chapter two will also avoid a "so what, who cares? You are now ready for Chapter three - Methodology.

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In this chapter you are expected to describe the design of the study and how it will respond to the problem you have so carefully articulated in chapter one and supported with a thorough literature review in chapter two. This chapter clarifies each step of the research plan to respond to the topic clearly summarized in the statement of the problem section of chapter one.

This chapter can be pages in length. Chapter three begins with a brief introduction reviewing the purpose of the study. This helps you and the reader to focus on the topic. In this section describe the purpose using the identical wording you used to describe the purpose in chapter one. While you may have been taught that paraphrasing makes for more interesting reading, you are not writing a novel.

How To Write The Research Methodology Section Of Your Dissertation |

Exact repetition avoids any possibility of misleading the reader by subtlety changing the meaning through the use of similar wording. You then need to describe the methodology responding to the topic. This means that you briefly describe the type of methodology you have selected to use i. It is important to remember that the nature of the problem determines the type of research that is best to use in a study.

All too often, a researcher is familiar with a certain type of design and is determined to use that design regardless of the problem. This is like putting the cart before the horse. An experimental design is used basically to test causal relationships between two or more variables concerned with "what will be" rather than "what is". This type of design, while neat and tidy, can't be used to obtain facts or to make judgments about existing situations and would not be a suitable design to use in the XYZ company study.

A descriptive study would be more appropriate. The next step in this chapter is the "design of the study" in which you describe how the variables will be or were operationalized. This section is generally rather brief. In a simple experimental design, the operationalization of variables such as the control and experimental groups as well as the treatment would be discussed. In the descriptive methodology most likely used in the XYZ company study, you would need to discuss what surveys were conducted, how, where and when interviews were conducted, the nature of the direct observations that may have been made, etc.

Next comes a discussion of the "sample and population or source of data".

Writing the methods/METHODOLOGY sections in a research proposal

The population to be studied will depend largely on the population to which the results are to be generalized. The population for this study would, naturally, be drawn from the company. Ideally, the population would be the entire labor and management force, but if the population is too large or it is otherwise impossible to obtain results from the entire population, a sample will need to be used since a properly selected sample can provide meaningful information about the entire population.

In addition to discussing the population or sample used in the study, this section may discuss other appropriate sources of data such as that obtained through various measures such as counting absences, new enrollments, observing various phenomena, conducting content analyses the systemic analysis of communications , and objective testing.

The purpose of instruments is to gather data. All instruments used in the study are discussed here.

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  6. The choice of instruments selected to obtain the data is made after the methodology has been determined. These instruments may be verbal i. Regardless of the type of instrument used, it needs to be discussed in this section.