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I was grasping at straws, any tendril of something that would make sense. And they have to do all their work here in a foreign language, which is difficult for them. Of course, the affirmative-action rationalization can cut both ways, particularly if you are a traditional—or at the very least stereotypical—Ivy League applicant. He was a pompous asshole in the questionnaire, and I really wanted that pomposity to come though in the essay.

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I wanted the admissions committee to know what a jerk he was. So I did sort of adopt that tone in the essay. I was thinking, We have quite enough of those people in the Ivy League. The integrity of the edited essay can be even more compromised when the editors themselves are playing the admissions game, and stand to benefit from undermining the competition. Several years ago, another former editor for Admissions Essays wrote a few essays for clients who were seeking spots in the same law school that she was.

When she got in, she was glad to discover that none of them had. I see not much of a moral conflict in seeking professional help to edit your essays to ensure that your goals, motivation, hobbies, and career growth are all presented in a coherent manner. All the ideas expressed in the essays are completely mine. Horse manure. If you submit a draft without proofreading and editing, chances are you will have a C at best. True, you have done the most significant part of your job, but what you have at hand at this point is merely a draft that still needs paper editing.

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Editing and proofreading are equally important parts of post-writing work. If you proofread and edit your writing yourself, you will probably be paying attention to all the possible drawbacks that you may find. However, such an attempt to seize the unseizable will probably make a mess of the process. To avoid this, it is necessary to understand the difference between these similar processes.

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The former is a relatively easy process of spotting and eliminating the drawbacks about the form of your writing — such as spelling, punctuation, etc. Maintaining logic and consistency throughout your writing should not be any problem if you are writing a smaller piece — such as a five-paragraph essay.

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So, in this case, there may be no need to edit your paper separately, a simple proofread will do. However, the more voluminous your paper gets, the more necessary it becomes to make sure that it is properly edited before submitting it. Academic editing services are equally beneficial for all students of all academic levels and all fields of study, regardless of which kind of writing we are talking about. The most widespread approach to studying suggests that every student must do the whole bulk of work him- or herself, including research, writing, proofreading, editing, etc.