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In either case, expressing the problem positively will yield a collection of potential resolutions. The third stage in the creative processes is centered on investigating the issue. This is a crucial step because it provides the raw data necessary to move forward with real changes. Most long-term problems require a significant amount of planning and strategizing to solve.

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An effective strategy needs to have reliable data to formulate sound decisions. By investigating a problem, it is possible to find information that will increase the likelihood of an effective solution. For example, if a person is unhappy with their compensation at their job, they can investigate their issue by looking at average salaries at within their industry. Another solution might be a complete career change. The last stage of the creative process is to produce real solutions to the problem.

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The previous three steps have provided the necessary data and expressions to make progress towards a solution. Ideas in this stage will be realistic and have the potential to provide the best possible results. Alternatively, a person may choose to pursue a college education to develop the skills necessary to enter a more lucrative career. Both of these ideas may solve the problem, but it will ultimately come down to personal goals and ambitions to choose the appropriate path.

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When considered together, the four stages of the creative process provide a logical method to solve problems of all sizes. Many people choose to plan their lives according to the pursuit of material wealth and the acquisition of assets. The typical process for most people is to complete a college education, land a job, establish a career, and then save enough money for retirement. Acquiring enough assets for a comfortable retirement requires commitment to long work hours throughout the course of a lifetime.

Unfortunately, the amount of time needed to acquire money creates a high amount of stress and frustration. The source of which is the pursuit of generating a more lucrative income. Achieving the goal of more financial wealth would relieve stress and allow a more comfortable lifestyle to be attained. Therefore, it is essential to strategize time in a way that creates the biggest impact on increasing total income.

Creating great ideas to solve a serious problem requires a dedication to gaining valuable information. In this step, all the data is taken into consideration to review the objective and begin to innovate Creative Education Foundation Researching data on the skills and qualifications necessary to generate a higher income is a necessary first step before effective ideas can be created. Creating a list of potential solutions to the problem is useful for comparison purposes. The following list includes potential solutions that could be used to generate a higher income.

The items on the list are not all entirely realistic, but they each present a unique solution to the problem. In addition, some of these strategies could be used at the same time. The list starts with the most promising solutions and ends with the solutions that are least likely to occur. Choosing the strategy at the top of the list has been determined to be the best choice, which is to pursue a college education that can lead to a higher paying career.

Although many of the potential solutions listed could lead to a higher income, the most effective method has been determined to pursue a college education. Not only will this eventually lead to a higher income, but it will provide many other social and personal benefits as well.

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  5. Expressing the problem and analyzing all of the alternative ideas was helpful for determining the path that would create the most promising solution. Peterson, D. Creativity Research Journal, 25 3 , Psychological review, 3 , Solving a Problem Write a 1, to 1,word paper in which you use the creative process to solve a problem with which you have experience. Justify your revision Investigate the problem by obtaining necessary information.

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    You are ready to create your first part. The first component is done, and, as you admire your success, you notice that the part feels hotter than it should. You wonder why? You go over the steps of the process to mentally figure out what could be causing the residual heat. You wonder if there is a problem with the CNC's coolant system or if the problem is in the G-code. After thinking about the problem, you decide that maybe there's something wrong with the setup. First, you clean up the damaged materials and remove the broken tool. You check the CNC machine carefully for any damage. It is time to start over again from the beginning.

    You again check your paperwork and gather the tools and materials on the setup sheet. You watch carefully to see if you can figure out what happened. It looks to you like the spindle barely misses hitting the dowel pin. You determine that the end mill was broken when it hit the dowel pin while returning to the start position.

    You discuss your options with Bill. Together, you decide the best thing to do would be to edit the G-code and raise the Z-axis before returning to home. You open the CNC control program and edit the G-code. It works. You first part is completed. Only four more to go.

    As you are cleaning up, you notice that the components are hotter than you expect and the end mill looks more worn than it should be.

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    It dawns on you that while you were milling the component, the coolant didn't turn on. You wonder if it is a software problem in the G-code or hardware problem with the CNC machine. You decide that the best thing to do would be to edit the G-code and raise the Z-axis of the spindle before it returns to home. While editing the G-code to raise the Z-axis, you notice that the coolant is turned off at the beginning of the code and at the end of the code. The coolant command error caught your attention because your coworker, Mark, mentioned having a similar issue during lunch.

    You change the coolant command to turn the mist on. As you reflect on the residual heat problem, you think about the machining process and the factors that could have caused the issue. You try to think of anything and everything that could be causing the issue.

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    Are you using the correct tool for the specified material? Are you using the specified material? Is it running at the correct speed?

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    Is there enough coolant? Are there chips getting in the way? Wait, was the coolant turned on? As you replay what happened in your mind, you wonder why the coolant wasn't turned on. You decide to look at the G-code to find out what is going on. From the milling machine computer, you open the CNC G-code.

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    You notice that there are no coolant commands. You add them in and on the next run, the coolant mist turns on and the residual heat issues is gone. Now, its on to creating the rest of the parts. Have you ever used brainstorming to solve a problem?