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Simba has moral guides like Zazu and Rafiki to help him make good decisions. Hamlet includes "extra" plot-relevant characters who play minor roles. These are crucial events in the play that have no equivalent in The Lion King. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. The lion king is technically based on Hamlet but they do have their differences. For example, Simba lives a happy ending and Hamlet ends up dying at the end.

It is important to say where both stories came from. In Broadway, Scar wants to marry Sarabi, so that could maybe be seen as another parallel! Yes but one could say that the differences is just to make the plot more child friendly. The book specifically says it. Don't say things you don't know unless you have checked your facts. My senior honors English class spent 20 minutes arguing about this. I love The Lion King it's my favorite film! Thanks for making this it really helped with my work :. Hamlet is not 30, he is about He asks to go back to college because he's still in college and had come home for a visit.

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The blog writer is not comparing them -- Disney did. The Lion King was intentionally written as a modern telling of Hamlet. And while I agree it's not true to the original theme, tone, or intent, it is what it is. A borrowed plot line adapted to make a children's movie.

I do agree with you on one point -- Shakespeare is the greatest playwright of all time.

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And Hamlet is one of his greatest works! Great find to come across. However, I've never known about the exact details until now. Thanks for that. When I was 20 I had a class about this topic. It was amazing for me to see the similarities. A good teacher, showman and talented man in University of Huelva. Hamlet's father is not killed by Hamlet's Uncle, Claudius. He is killed by Fortinbras's father. Stealing a few plot points from Hamlet doesn't make it the same story. The Lion King is another lame misogynistic Disney story about women's inability to lead and society's need for an all powerful male ruler.

The kingdom suffers famine until the "rightful" male heir to the throne is reinstated. He comes back and saves the day and all the she-lions love him. What a crock. Hamlet is about the inability of a man to take action and revenge the incestuous murder of his father. It's about insanity, melancholy and indecision. The Lion King is a childish hero story written by corporate hacks. Hamlet is a tragedy written by the greatest playwright ever to live. Comparing the 2 is like comparing Miley Cyrus to Beethoven.

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I would also say that both Mufasa and King Hamlet are benevolent rulers, and known to be the strongest and the greatest among men or lions , and those who kill them both end up being ineffective rulers, especially Scar, and are physically and morally weak in comparison to the previous rulers. I would equate timon and pumba to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. A pair of friends that are there to aid the main character with the dilemma.

In both cases an emotional problem.

Hamlet in Comparison to the Lion King Essay

But r and g die, but timon and pumba don't. Just because he had to go back to school doesn't make him young in those times, the play indirectly mentions his age of about 30 in act five. Hamlet would have been around the age of 18 because he specifically asks to go back to university to study. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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9 reasons why The Lion King is basically Hamlet (and 1 reason it probably isn’t). - AdelaideX

Comparing and Contrasting The Lion King vs. Both have shady uncles. Close male friendships. One love interest. Both of their fathers die.

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  5. Both fathers reappear as ghosts. Sent into exile. Both battle their uncles and take revenge. Internal struggle. Simba's story is a happy one. Hamlet has a tragic ending. In Hamlet, most of the characters, including all the main characters, die. Simba receives moral guidance. Sarabi never remarries. The number of minor characters differs.

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    Performing Arts. As a audience, we feel the same in both the lion king and Hamlet. If this author didn't know that, than this article is useless. Great, but Edmond Rostand was far superior to William Shakespeare. John Prides work that way.

    tiakentidedo.ga Do you know anything about lions? Sign In Join. Strong Essays words 5. This, however, is not the case. While The Lion King seems not to be beased on a fairy tale, it is in fact strongly based on the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Disney writers cleverly conceal the basic character archetypes and simplified storyline in a children's tale of cute lions in Africa Free Essays words 2.

    Hamlet is the prince in the Shakespeare play named after him. Hamlet is very indecisive and this is shown throughout the play.

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    Hamlet wants to avenge his father by killing his uncle but, when he is presented with an opportunity to do so while Claudius is confessing his sins. Hamlet is close to killing his uncle with his dagger but decides that he should not kill him just yet. Through Psychoanalytic Theory, one can see that Hamlet has a low self-esteem which is why he is not confident enough to make a firm decision Strong Essays words 2.

    After the death of the Kings, both of the villains successfully took over the kingdoms. While these villains ruled, the kingdoms slowly deteriorated. However, in mid, Walt Disney Pictures released what could arguably be the best animated feature of all time in The Lion King.

    With a moral base unlike most of the movies released at the time, TLK placed a children's facade on a very serious story of responsibility and revenge. However, this theme is one of the oldest in history, and it is not the least apparent in one of the oldest works of literature by The Bard himself, William Shakespeare Strong Essays words 6.

    Many believe that the Lion King is Disney's only original movie; the only movie not previously a fairy tale from one country or another. Disney writers conceal the basic character archetypes and simplified storyline in a children's tale of cute lions in Africa.